Quite Funny I Am Not Lazy Quotes

There has been a latest trend in the town and it is being lazy. People are putting status updates of being lazy and are bragging about it. I am not lazy is the new trend in social medias and this is pretty hilarious but there is a flip side to every coin. I am not lazy quotes can mean a very serious thing where he constantly refuses to be lazy. You can choose not be lazy by simply putting some effort to show that you are not lazy. You can find many funny I am not lazy quotes on the internet. Some of them are pretty hilarious and some of them can leave an important note. Choose the one that is suitable to your situation and you can post them as your status updates too. You can also share them in a group or as a personal message. Collection of most hilarious lazy people quotes and sayings, lines about laziness always around them.

Funny I am not Lazy Quotes & Hilarious Sayings about Lazy People

Funny I am not Lazy Quotes | Most Hilarious Lazy People Quotes and Sayings


I’m not lazy, I’m just very relaxed. ~Anonymous


I only feel lazy on days that end in ”Y”. ~Anonymous


I am not lazy….I am a recovered workaholic. ~Anonymous


I am not lazy, I just rest before I get tired. ~Anonymous


I am not lazy, I am a master of energy conservation. ~Anonymous


I am not clumsy, I am falling with style. ~Anonymous


No, I’m not lazy. I’m just very protective to my seat. ~Anonymous


I tend to say “i don`t know“ when i`m too lazy to think. ~Anonymous


I’m not lazy, I’m just highly motivated not to do anything. ~Anonymous


I’ll stop being so lazy when being so lazy stops being so awesome. ~Anonymous


I’m not lazy. Someone just stole my motivation. I’m the victim here. ~Anonymous


It’s not that I am lazy, It’s that I just don’t care. ~Peter Gibbons


I am not lazy. I am simply judicious about excess movement. ~Jen Lancaster


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I am not lazy, I am just exhausted from fighting my way through every single day. ~Mimi Love


I’m not clumsy! The floor just hates me, the table and chairs are bullies, and the walls get in my way. ~Anonymous


I’m not that lazy, but I don’t need that much money. I lead a fairly simple life. ~Karl Pilkington


Doing less is not being lazy. Don’t give in to a culture that values personal sacrifice over personal productivity. ~Tim Ferriss


I’m not lazy. I am just really gifted, only instead of being good at music or math I’m good at sleeping late. ~Elizabeth Jane Howard


I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you. ~Kobe Bryant


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