Long Distance Monthsary Messages


Relationship with the person you love may be one of the dream that came true in your life. But life gives you some situation which tests whether you deserve the relationship you are in and one of the very harsh of the situations that life sets you in for the test is the long distance. When the distance comes in between a relationship that is where the true test of a relationship is. A long distance will test of your patience, loyalty and trust. Patience here can be related as, you may feel frustrated and restless when you don’t find your love in front of your eyes. Loyalty is because there are times when we think that our beloved is far away from us and we can cheat a little and that is where the trust part comes in. If those three things are maintained in life then you will never lose a relationship because of long distance. 16 touching long distance monthsary messages for lovers.

Long Distance Monthsary Messages for Love

Long Distance  Monthsary Messages
Long Distance Monthsary Messages, Happy Monthsary Love Wishes Msg


1) Long Distance Monthsary Messages


I went far away from you to reach my dream.
I know in my heart that I have to chase my dream.
Only to realize that the one I should be chasing after is you.
Only to find out that my dream wouldn’t be complete without you…
Happy Monthsary My Love…


2) Happy Monthsary Messages For Long Distance


It is really hard to stay away from you,
but all those memories we made
together never let me alone;
I am always by your side,
close your eyes and feel me in your heart,
I am always there to say I love you.
Happy Monthsary


3) Long Distance Monthsary Wishes


Many highs we achieve together,
and we face many lows together in our life;
life with you is just more than perfect,
but I miss your presence when you are not my around.
If distance is made for increasing desire,
so come soon and make me your own again.
Happy Monthsary


4) Love You Monthsary Messages for Long Distance


Your smile drives out my pain and gives me the joy of life.
Sharing emotion with you makes me happy
and gives me relief from my sorrow.
Leaning down my head on your arms,
I can leave all worries behind.
I am always there with you no matter where you go.
Love you and Happy Monthsary


5) Being Together Monthsary Message


The day we first met till now,
everything has changed a lot,
but except for our love.
Even my eyes are closed,
but the vision is perfect as it is you.
Our love will always be young,
even though we become old.
I promise you I will never let you go.
Being together and forever.
Happy Monthsary


6) Message For Long Distance Monthsary


Even though we are miles apart,
distance cannot make the hearts apart.
I smile each time I think of you.
Even though you are away from me,
your love always makes me feel that you are beside me.
I am missing you a lot dear and waiting for you to return soon
Happy Monthsary My Love


7) Heartly Wishes on Monthsary


“It doesn’t matter where I am.
My heart is where you are.”
Happy Monthsary Sweetheart


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8) Happy Monthsary My Love Messages


“I never imagined that checking
you out from the side of my eye
would eventually lead to
looking deep into your heart.”
Happy Monthsary


Happy Monthsary Love Messages For Long Distance
Happy Monthsary Love Messages For Long Distance


9) Far Relation Wishes on Monthsary


“Everything was like a dark sky
until it was lit up by you
my life’s brightest star.
We’ve had our ups and downs
but my heart has always
believed that we would come this far.”
Happy Monthsary


10) Feeling Messages on Monthsary


“You may be many miles away from me,
but touch your heart to feel me.
It is the day when we first met,
but it is not only the day
I fall in love with you,
as every day I love you
in the different ways.”
Happy Monthsary


11) Happy Monthsary Sweetheart Messages


Hearing your voice is far better
than you touching me.
Because even though
I yearn for your skin to touch mine,
it is your voice that touches my soul.
Happy Monthsary Sweetheart


12) Message For Lover


When two hearts are meant for each other,
no distance is too far,
no time too long and
no other love can break them apart.
Happy Monthsary Darling


13) In My Heart Monthsary Wishes


When I don’t see you,
I don’t miss you ,
I just place my hand
over my heart
and its there
I will find you,
because even though
you are out of my sight ,
you will never be out of my heart.
Happy Monthsary


14) Far Relation Monthsary Wishes


Celebrating monthsary may not seem so important to you
but I would like to take this opportunity to let you know
your importance in my life
and how it has made me a better person
since the day you loved me.
Happy monthsary.


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15) Wishes Messages on Monthsary


To be perfectly honest you mean everything to me!
When I first met you,
I honestly didn’t know you were gonna
be this important to me.
Happy monthsary sweetheart!


16) Cute Message on Monthsary Wishes


Every seconds I’m with you I feel complete,
and when you embrace me,
I feel that our souls become one.
I will never stop loving you because
you’re the man I always dreamed of.


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