Happy St Patrick’s Day Quotes & Sayings

St Patrick’s Day is praised in numerous parts of the world, particularly by Irish people group and associations. Numerous individuals wear a thing of green attire on the day. Gatherings highlighting Irish sustenance and beverages that are colored in green nourishment shading are a piece of this festival. It is a period when kids can enjoy desserts and grown-ups can appreciate a “half quart” of brew at a nearby bar. Numerous eateries and bars offer Irish nourishment or drink, which include, Irish darker bread, Corned hamburger and cabbage, Hamburger and Guinness pie, Irish cream chocolate mousse cake, Irish espresso, Irish potato champ, otherwise called poundies, cally or pandy, Irish stew, Irish potato soup. A few people design a journey to St Patrick’s Purgatory, which is normally connected with repentance and otherworldly mending since the mid thirteenth century. You can find various 17th March cultural and religious celebration St Patrick’s Day Quotes and sayings lines on the internet.

Happy St Patrick’s Day Quotes and Sayings

Happy St Patrick’s Day Quotes and Sayings | Happy Paddy Day Blessings


  • “Yeah, it’s St. Paddy’s Day. Everyone’s Irish tonight.” – Norman Reedus


  • “The heart of an Irishman is nothing but his imagination.”- George Bernard Shaw


  • “For the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o’ March!” – Thomas Augustine Daly


  • “You can take a man of Ireland, but you can’t take out the Irish ness of the man.” – Tyson Fury


  • “Be sure to wear green on March seventeen, or else Irish leprechauns pinch your bones clean!” – Richelle E. Goodrich


  • St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic. – Adrienne Cook


  • “Every St. Patrick’s Day, every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.” – Shane Leslie


  • “For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way: Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.” – Irish Blessing


  • Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but if your name is Eisenhower, you’ve got to wear something green to show it. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


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Spiritual & Religious Quotes By St. Patrick


  • “If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God.” – Saint Patrick


  • “The Lord is greater than all: I have said enough.” – Saint Patrick


  • “He who believes shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be damned. God has spoken.” – Saint Patrick


  • “The Lord opened the understanding of my unbelieving heart, so that I should recall my sins.” – Saint Patrick


  • “I pray to God to give me perseverance and to deign that I be a faithful witness to Him to the end of my life for my God.” – Saint Patrick


  • “Hence I cannot be silent, and indeed I ought not to be, about the many blessings and the great grace which the Lord has designed to bestow upon me.” – Saint Patrick



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17th March Blessing Quotes & Wishes


  • May the blessings of God keep you happy and healthy on St. Patrick’s Day and always!


  • Bow your heads and pray that St. Patrick blesses you this day. Have a blessed St. Patrick’s Day!


  • May your blessings out number the shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you, wherever you go. – Irish Blessing


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St. Patrick’s Day Quotes about Luck

Saint Patrick’s Day Quotes and Sayings


  • “Good luck is the result of preparation.” – Unknown


  • “Luck is believing you’re lucky.” – Tennessee Williams


  • “May your day be touched with a bit of Irish luck”. – Unknown


  • “Don’t throw away luck on little stuff. Save it up.” – Tim O’Brien


  • The luck you made for yourself is the best luck of all. – Douglas MacArthur


  • You have to believe that you are lucky. The real luck lies in there. – Tennessee Williams


  • “May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.” – Unknown


  • “Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, everyone has a little luck o’ the Irish in them.” – Laura Sommers


  • “It’s hard to detect good luck…It looks so much like something you have earned.” – Frank A. Clark


  • I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I find of it. – Thomas Jefferson


  • “May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold—and at the end of your rainbows may you find a pot of gold.” – Old Irish Blessing


  • “You got a try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.”– Jimmy Dean


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St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Quotes


  • “If you’re not drinking green beer today you’re not Irish. Happy St. Patrick’s day.”


  • “May you always have love in your hearts and beer in your belly.” – Unknown


  • Everyone needs a little beer and a little Irish in them on St. Patrick’s day.


  • “Whether I drink often or just once in a while; I’m always sure to raise a glass to the dear old Emerald Isle.” – Pat Maloney


St. Paddy Day Blessings and Wishes

Saint Patrick’s Day Blessings | 17th March Wishes Messages


  • May this day St. Patrick shower you along With gift of happiness.


  • Wishing you a very green and a very lucky St Patrick’s Day! Cheers to that!


  • May you be blessed with a pot of gold that offers you happiness, prosperity and luck. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  • So colorful as the rainbow So vibrant as the color green May you be blessed with lots of gold. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  • On this awesome day of greens, I would like to wish you pots of good luck and good fortune. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  • Be super happy today Smile all through the day It’s the St. Patrick’s day It’s indeed a super day.


  • Paint yourself green and search for the hidden pot of gold. It is St. Patrick’s Day. Have a Happy Feast.


  • May your pockets be heavy and your heart is light, May good luck pursue you each morning and night. Have a blessed St. Patrick’s Day!


  • Hope you receive the gentle touch of Irish luck and get blessed with prosperity. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  • May the sound of happy music, and the lilt of Irish laughter, fill your heart with gladness, that stays forever after. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  • Hope a bit o’ Irish luck and a bit o’ Irish cheer will snuggled down inside your heart and stay all through the year! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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