Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Prayer for Party | Christmas Dinner Prayer

We need to pray about everything and anything so here in this post we’ve added Short Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Prayer & Christian Christmas Dinner Prayer with Beautiful Christmas Wishes Images. People pray for many reasons such as personal benefit, asking for divine grace, spiritual connection, or for the sake of others. Prayer is a communication process that allows us to talk to God or simply conversation with God, for this purpose we’ve collected some beautiful Catholic Christmas Prayers and Poems that’ll surely touch your heart, Christian Christmas Party Prayer for Friends Family etc. Have A Blessed Christmas ????

Best Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Prayer & Christmas Dinner Prayer with Friends & Family Members


Say Thanks to God with Beautiful Christmas Eve Prayer



1) Thanksgiving Prayer for Christmas Eve

Most Loving Father,
thank you for this night and for all it represents.
Thank you for the hope you bestow, the peace you bring,
the love you pour out, and the joy you give.
We praise you most of all for Jesus, your Word made flesh.
May he light our way as the holy star lit the way for the wise men.

~Rev. Richard J. Fairchild



2) Opening Prayer for Christmas Eve Service

Gracious, loving and merciful God, on this Christmas Eve,
as the light of your Word penetrates our hearts,
as we are reminded of the gift of life and faith,
as the glories of the heavenly hosts are echoed in our church,
we open ourselves up to your Spirit and give you thanks.
We are grateful, Lord Jesus, that your story has become our story, and we celebrate
your birth.

Continue, we pray, to instill in us a profound sense of your abiding presence,
and help us to take to heart the wonder of your love,
that we may walk in your ways and delight in your will.

Help us, Lord God, to be the faithful, gracious, loving, giving
and forgiving people you would have us be.

~Rev. Dr. Sean B. Murray




3) Christmas Eve Prayer to God

Father God,
In a small animal shelter, two young newlyweds came to take refuge.
In candlelight, laying upon straw, the promised one stirred within a nervous young mother.
How we wonder that your Son,
a piece of you sent from heaven could reside in such humble beginnings.
And yet we engage with this picture, with the expectancy,
with the hardship and with the wonder. This is the eve that held such promise,
the eve that would be remembered forever, the eve that changed everything.
We remember this moment now and continue to wonder at your amazing plans, at your unfailing love, and at your amazing grace.




4) Christian Christmas Eve Prayer

Eternal God,
in the stillness of this night, you sent your almighty Word, to pierce the darkness with the light of salvation: give to the earth the peace that we long for and fill our hearts with the joy of heaven, through our Saviour, Jesus Christ.




5) A Christmas Eve Prayer

Heavenly Father,
We remember those for whom Christmas will be difficult. Lord Jesus you were laid in a humble manger, because there was no room for you in the inn. Have mercy we pray on all who cannot share our happiness this Christmas time. We are mindful of the poor and the hungry, the sick and those separated from the ones they love. By your love poured out at Bethlehem, guard, guide and comfort those for whom we pray this night.



Heartwarming Merry Christmas Dinner Prayer


1) Christmas Dinner prayer

Ah, dearest Jesus, holy Child,
Make thee a bed, soft, undefiled,
Within my heart, that it may be
A quiet chamber kept for Thee.

My heart for very joy doth leap,
My lips no more can silence keep,
I too must sing, with joyful tongue,
That sweetest ancient song,

Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given
While angels sing with pious mirth.
A glad new year to all the earth!

~Martin Luther



2) Christmas Eve Dinner Prayer

As we enjoy this festive meal
May we remember to see your truth clearly
May we feel your love completely
May we give your grace freely
And may we taste the promise of heaven,
As we celebrate the birth of our Savior.



3) Merry Christmas Dinner Prayer

Lord of heaven and earth,
We join today with Christians past and present to celebrate your birth.
Bind us together as one family with your love.
Thank you for your sacrifice Lord.
Today we eat and and give thanks your birth, life and resurrection.
We share this food, our lives and our hearts with one another,
In memory of you, our Saviour and Lord.





4) Thanksgiving Christmas Dinner Prayer

Dear Lord of Love and Mercy,
We pray a thankful prayer today.
We are thankful for the Christmas gift of the birth of our Savior.
We are also thankful for the joy of being with our family and the blessings of sharing a festive meal.
Lord, we ask that you bless this food and bless our fellowship.
In Jesus’ name we pray,




5) Christmas Eve Dinner Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Love brought Jesus to the earth, and love brings us to this Christmas table.
Today as we share this holiday feast, may we also share with one another a joyful heart and a warm smile.
May our Christmas dinner be filled with kindness. And may the memories of today warm our hearts for years to come.



6) Prayer Before Christmas Dinner

God of all gifts, we thank you for the many ways you have blessed us this day.
We are grateful each of those who are gathered around this table.
We ask you to bless us and our food and to bless those we love who are not with us today.
In our gratitude and love, we remember your humble birth into our lives and
pray for those who are without enough to eat.
We remember the stable in which you were born and pray for those who have no place to live.
We remember your challenging message of caring and giving and
we pray for peace in families and nations throughout the world.
We bless you and give you thanks in your Spirit
who brings our hearts to life the Christmas Day and forever.




Merry Christmas Party Prayers with Beautiful Thoughts


1) A Christmas Party Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for the joyful fun of the Christmas season.
Thank you for this special time when we can celebrate together as a work family.We have a wonderful team. Thank you for each one of them.



2) Thanksgiving Christmas Prayer for Party

Dear Lord,
Christmas is a wonderful season.
Thank you for this time when we can joyously celebrate Christmas together.
This room is filled with people who reach out each day to help one another.
Thank you for this fine group of people that I have the pleasure to work with.
I pray that you would bless each one here with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



3) Opening Prayer for Christmas Party

Loving heavenly Father we come to you this hour asking for your blessing and help as we are gathered together. We pray for guidance in the matters at hand and ask that you would clearly show us how to conduct our work with a spirit of joy and enthusiasm. Give us the desire to find ways to excel in our work. Help us to work together and encourage each other to excellence. We ask that we would challenge each other to reach higher and farther to be the best we can be. We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen



4) Thanksgiving Prayer for Xmas Party

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the joy of the Christmas season.
Thank you for this special time to celebrate together.
We celebrate the love and compassion that was born that first Christmas day.
Thank you, Lord.
And thank you for all the blessings you give us.
Today as we celebrate our blessings, I also want to thank you for the wonderful men and women that I have the pleasure to work beside.
We have an awesome team, and I thank you, Lord, for each one.



5) Prayer for Christmas Party Celebration

Thank you Father God for giving us this opportunity to celebrate life that you have given to us, allow us to share with one another your unfathomable Love. Bless our families, and friends so that as we enjoy this Christmas party, we would also realize that Christmas is not about expensive gifts and grand parties but it is about Love and generosity to everyone, especially to the needy.



6) Prayer Before Christmas Party

Dear Lord Jesus,
thank you so much for the love you showed us by being born as a human baby and being one of us for so long. We thank you for dying on the cross in our place, and love you very much. Please bless this time of fellowship and fun as we celebrate your birth. Make us mindful of your love for us, and let us show your love to each other. In Your Name we pray.



7) Closing Prayer for Christmas Party

Heavenly Father as we come to the end of our time together we thank you for what has been accomplished here today. May the matters discussed serve as a catalyst to move us forward and cause us to advance and see growth in all areas of our lives. May we leave here recognizing You are the God of all wisdom and You are willing to lead us forward. This we pray in the name of the Lord Jesus.


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