The Customer Isn’t Always Right: A Compilation of Rude Customer Quotes

Laugh, cringe, and commiserate with these jaw-droppingly rude customer interactions. Discover the dark side of customer service. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to bad customer behavior, think again. This collection of rude customer quotes is sure to shock and amaze.

Rude Customer Quotes


  • When dealing with a rude customer I hope your day is as pleasant as you. Say it with a enthusiastic smile.


  • That satisfaction when a rude customer asks to speak to a manager and they tell them exact same thing you did.


  • I Love it at work when I get rude customer I just say nice things in a sarcastic voice and watch their confusion.


  • The Customer is always right sometimes confused, miss informed, rude, stubborn changeable but never wrong.


  • Anyone else use that really fake overly sweet voice with rude customers just to annoy them?


  • Working in Customer service really makes you wonder who if raised all of these rude ass, entitled manner less people.


  • If a customer is rude to me I pretend I am out of big bills just to give them ridiculous amounts of change.


  • When a Customer is rude to me at work and pay in cash, I give them small coins and dollars back as change.


  • When a customer is rude and asks me to check if we have something in the back giving me attitude, I literally go to the backroom and chill for five minutes and then come out and say we don’t have the item.


Funny Quotes about Rude Customer


  • When a rude customers says they are never coming back.


  • When a Customer is being rude so you sneak some militated cash into their withdrawl.


  • There Should be a day in retail where we can finally say what we want to towards rude customers.


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