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Valentine’s Week, also known as Love Week or Romance Week, is a week-long celebration leading up to Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Each day of the week has a different theme or activity associated with it, such as Rose Day, Propose Day, and Chocolate Day. The week is often used as an opportunity for couples to express their love and affection for one another, and for single people to find a romantic partner. We are sharing complete Valentine Week List 2023 for lovers. In this section we’ve complied the full list of Valentines Days from 7th Feb to 21st Feb in which you’ll get the before valentines day love week & the days that comes after valentine day with valentine week image.

Complete Valentine Week List 2023 with Dates & Days from 7th Feb to 14th Feb

Valentine Week Date List

DateValentine Week ListDayImportant Links
7th February 2023Rose DayTuesday
8th February 2023Propose DayWednesday
9th February 2023Chocolate DayThursday
10th February 2023Teddy DayFriday
11th February 2023Promise DaySaturday
12th February 2023Hug DaySunday
13th February 2023Kiss DayMonday
14th February 2023Valentine's Day Tuesday


True Meaning of Valentine Week and Its Importance

Valentine’s day which is on 14th of February every year is preceded by a valentine’s week . Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world. Here we’re providing the love week Valentine Calendar 2023, in which you’ll get Valentine Love Sheet from 7th Feb to 14th Feb. Here this is the full Valentine Timetable for you, so enjoy this lovely week with joy and romance.

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Significance of Valentine’s Week


Rose Day

Rose Day

Valentine Week Started from Rose Day which is celebrated on 7th Feb, Flowers are the most beloved things among them roses are one of the favorites. On this First Day, Lovers exchanges roses and express their feelings to each other. You can give red yellow pink roses to different people depending on your feelings for them.



Propose Day

Propose Day

This is one of the most romantic days of the week, couple surprise each other by proposing them for relationship and marriage. On this day you can approach your crush and tell them what you feel for them directly.



Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

On this day you can spread the happiness by giving chocolate to your near and dear ones. Chocolate Day is specially favorite among the Girls. As we know that all the girls like Chocolates and Candies. So you can give the special heart shaped chocolates and gifts to your loved ones



Teddy Day

Teddy Day

Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th Feb. Teddies are the cutest gift to be given to your beloved person. On this day lovers and couples give small and big teddy to their loved ones. They send a valentine teddy means love bear to their wife, partner, spouse, friends, and other loved ones.



Promise Day

Promise Day

11th Feb is celebrated as Promise Day. Promises are easy to make but hard to keep. But a strong promise reflects your love towards that person and also make your relationship stronger. A promise and trust is most important thing in a relationship of love. So make your relationship strong with your loved ones on this promise



Hug Day

Hug Day

We know that it is only hugs which can brighten up someone’s day. 12th Feb is celebrated as Hug day. Hug is an important feeling of expressing love and affection. It is warm and charming feeling and makes others happy. So on this day hug your beloved tight and make them feel special.



Kiss Day

Kiss Day

Kiss Day is celebrated every year on 13th February. Kiss is the sweetest form expression to show love. On this day people kiss to the special person in their life. You can express love in hundreds of ways but the best form of expression is kiss. Make your partner feel special by Kissing on this day.



Valentines Day

Valentine Day

On this day lovers or couples spend the whole day with each other and express their feelings by giving gifts, chocolates, roses, greeting card to each other, and some time by sharing love wishes messages.



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Anti Valentine Week List

Valentines week is followed also by an anti-valentine week from 15th February to 21st February. So here is the complete list of Anti-Valentine Week Schedule Dates starting with Slap Day. These days should come in handy to those unromantic or recently heartbroken people and can even be useful for those intending to end the relationships.

Anti-Valentine Week

DateAnti Valentine Week ListDayImportant Links
15th February 2023Slap DayWednesday
16th February 2023Kick DayThursday
17th February 2023Perfume DayFriday
18th February 2023Flirting DaySaturday
19th February 2023Confession DaySunday
20th February 2023Missing DayMonday
21th February 2023Break Up DayTuesday

Slap Day

The celebrations of Anti-Valentine’s Day begin with Slap Day which is celebrated on 15th Feb. Some times we come across the wrong person and painful relationship in life. If you’re suffering such kind of relationship that hurts you everyday, then slap the painful relationship you have been through.


Kick Day

Kick day is celebrated on 16th Feb, On this day people kick out all the negative people and memories that we have in our life and move forward, with our without the love of our lives.


Perfume Day

After Kick Day, Perfume Day is celebrated every year on 17th of Feb. On this day you can spread the happiness of your love by giving Perfume to your beloved with her/his personality. So choose a perfume that suits your lovers personality.


Flirting Day

After a cute and pleasant Valentine week, 18th of Feb is observed as Flirting Day. The flirt day is to make some fun in your life and you can flirt with anyone. Those who celebrated the romantic days of Valentine’s week must celebrate Flirting Day by Flirt Day Messages, Jokes etc.


Confession Day

Confess is such a hard and difficult job to do, but confession is a very beautiful thing if a person recognize its importance in love. If there is something else that you want to confess with your beloved, so here this Confession Day is a perfect day for you which is on 19th Feb, go and confess by text, messages, greetings etc.


Missing Day

When you miss that special person in your life then on a missing day you should wish him/her with missing you wishes messages or by a greeting quotes. Whether the relationship is going through a rough patch or your partner has gone far away for some time, the absence of a loving touch and a lovely smile make it unbearable. On this 20th Feb Missing day, send miss you text messages or greetings images that will help in getting the special person back in your life.


Break Up Day

The break up day usually celebrates on the 21st February each year. Sometimes the relationship has not worked out after you have spent all your love, time and money on that special person. On this day, the people turn off their relationship to their girlfriend or boyfriend due to some reason. Breakup Day isn’t just about cutting romantic ties; it could be a chance for you to break free from any bad relationship that’s holding you back.


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