Valentines Day Tips for Teens, Singles & Fresh Lovers

The season of love is almost here again and it’s always the best time for teens and fresh lovers. It’s every teens and singles desire to make it memorable; so, here are wonderful tips for you.

valentines-day-tips-for-teens-300x204Yes you are single and that’s not a big deal on Valentine’s Day. It’s normal to feel moody seeing all lovers around you clinging tightly to their partners and having wonderful moments but that doesn’t stop your fun too. Hello! You are beautiful, handsome, smart and free. You can have a great day whether you are single or just far away from your lover, your utmost priority is to make this day awesome. Will you sit idly or moody all day because you are single? Come on! Make yourself desirable and be your Valentine.


  • You have other single girlfriends I guess? Then you’re sure to have great company.
  • Ask your single girlfriends for a movie night out.
  • Organize just a little traditional or dinner party in your home and invite your single girlfriends over for wine, gossips, games, appetizers and wonderful times. Play it all food and just good food, good drinks with good friends. Nothing more.
  • Make yourself feel pampered, special and awesome. Enjoy your singleness and don’t let anyone make you feel you are missing out without a boyfriend. The worse mistake you can make is morn your singleness.
  • Is there somewhere you’ve always wished to visit? Whether it’s a nearby town or someplace special around, just organize a simple trip alone or with your teen girlfriends and enjoy your whole day doing just anything you love doing or have always wanted to do.
  • You have no reason to avoid being seen by couples having time around. Put on your best and visit nearby restaurants alone, flaunt yourself as single and enjoy your moments. Someone might just walk by and say hello! Keep yourself reminded that it’s great to be and someone might just be missing those moments too.
  • You don’t want to go out with friends? Then, make a visit to aunts or uncles around. Volunteer to take part in cooking if the meal is not ready yet or engage in other chores. Take your nieces or nephews out to indoor or outdoor playgrounds with other kids. Go with them alone. Let them have free moments their parents never let them have. Share ice cream, popcorn, sweets, fruits or anything else. Just let them have sweet moments they will always remember. Who knows you might be the best aunt ever!
  • Do you desire visiting a hot party center or bar? That’s forward thinking. Be in your best fashion. Take chances if the guys around don’t. Just be in your best that every guy would want to keep conversation with the whole day. Its lover’s day and who knows if that special guy is just around watching?


  • Have a clean hair shave and be in your best outfit.
  • Do you plan hanging out with your single boyfriends? That’s great. But this is not to get drunk with wine but flaunt yourself, show your manly characters, attract that princess sitting over there.
  • Do you think it would be embarrassing to walk up to her and say hello? No it’s not. Ladies loves guys who dare to prove he is a man. It’s normal if she turns you down but you can’t be so sure until you try. Who knows she’s been waiting long there praying you walks up and say hello.
  • You can have “singles” freedom party with your teen boyfriends and ask your best friends “Girls” to be your Valentine. Don’t mistake this. Being your Valentine is simply just being someone special and not your girlfriend. Exchange special gifts and play fun games.
  • You can play video games; watch your best movies alone or with friends in your home if you don’t feel like going out. Your focus should be having a wonderful and fun filled day.


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This is probably the first Valentine’s Day celebration since you got hooked with your lover I guess! Then it’s the most reason you need to make this day as special as it should be.


Valentines Day Tips For Boys

  • You probably don’t know yet the best gift she cherishes most I guess! Well, you most know that ladies love a guy who listens while they talk. If she desires to talk the whole day, just listen to her. Nothing else she will appreciate better.
  • Take her out with her friends and talk a lot about her if their presence
  • Watch her best movie with her. Even though you don’t like the movie, just do it because it makes her happy.
  • If you must watch romantic movies, let it be her choice. You will enjoy this day most if everything is let to her choice.
  • She is never bored hearing you say you love her. So, say it that you love her even a thousand time. Be mindful of your tone. Ladies are very smart and could easily detect from your tone if you mean it or just saying it.
  • Surprise her with beauty fancy gifts. However childish it looks, ladies love fancy things and you can’t compare your choices.
  • Send her a romantic Valentine’s messages if she is far from you. Use her picture as your profile image on your social media walls. Update your Facebook status with a romantic poem about her. She feels so exalted and proud about this.


Valentines Day Tips For Girls

  • Are you alone with him in his home? Flaunt your body in front of him. Make him admire you. Nothing stronger than this weapon to keep his burning love for you.
  • Buy him a unique gift. Well, I don’t believe that common saying that guys don’t appreciate gifts. Men appreciate unique gifts from the lady who is special to them. Also, because he rarely get gifts from friends, it would be a great surprise and he will sure appreciate it a lot.
  • It’s not enough to tell him you love him alone. He loves it when you tell him something special about him that makes him unique. Tell him he is hot, he is unique. Tell him you love his hairy body so much, how he pets you, the way he cares your hair just anything. He loves that a lot.
  • If you don’t have anything to talk about its better to just watch movies and play games or share jokes. Don’t say anything about other guys especially on this day. You might just ruin the fun.
  • The little things he does for you matters. Please appreciate them. Tell him you love them no matter how little. Besides you don’t know how he manage to get them.
  • If he takes you out with his friends, kiss him in front of them. Something he will never forget.
  • Send him romantic valentine poems if you are far from him. You can see how beautiful your profile picture on his social walls? Then use his picture on yours too. Be proud of each other. Let both your friends talk about you.


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