You Never Loved Me Quotes

you-never-loved-me-300x204Unrequited love is a deeply emotional and often heart-wrenching experience that has inspired countless works of literature, art, and music. The feeling of being unloved and unnoticed can be overwhelming, prompting individuals to seek solace and expression in the form of quotes. In this article, we delve into the world of You Never Loved Me Quotes, you used me sad emotional lines by a broken heart lover, exploring the poignant words that capture the essence of unrequited love and the emotional journey it entails.


You Never Loved Me Quotes



  • Your actions spoke louder than your words. You never loved me like you said you did.


  • You never loved me, yet I spent a lifetime loving the idea of you.


  • ”You never loved me, but you used me as a stepping stone to get where you wanted to be.”


  • “You have never loved me. You have only thought it pleasant to be in love with me.” – Henrik Ibsen


  • “You never loved me because you didn’t even try to win me back. You gave up immediately on me. – jack


  • “You never loved me, you loved the idea of me. You loved the person you thought I could be, but not the person I actually am.”


  • “You have never loved me as I love you – never – never! Yours is not a passionate heart – your heart does not burn in a flame! You are, upon the whole, a sort of fay, or sprite – not a woman!”


  • You never loved me, you loved the control you had over me and my emotions…when I took back the key to my heart, you went looking for it like you remembered the last place you set it and no one would be able to move it.


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I knew You Don’t Love Me Quotes



  • You don’t love me and I know that. I also don’t think that will ever change, so I’m moving on to find happiness elsewhere.


  • The reason I know you don’t love me, is because the day I walked out your door, you didn’t stop me. – Lisa Page Brooks


  • The truth is… you are hurting me. Not on purpose, I know that. But I love you and every second that you don´t love me back…it hurts. – Veronica Roth


  • No, I’m not mistaken. I know you don’t love me. But I’m going to fight for your love. There are some things in life that are worth fighting for to the end. You are worth it. – Paulo Coelho


  • You do care a little for me, I know… but nothing to speak of, and you don’t love me. I was yours once till death if you’d cared to keep me, but I’m someone else’s now… and he’s mine in a way that shocks you, but why don’t you stop being shocked, and attend to your own happiness. – E. M. Forster


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