Horse Riding Quotes

Horse riding is a popular recreational and competitive activity that involves riding a horse, typically with the use of a saddle and reins, for leisure, transportation, or in various sporting events. Horse riding can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, and can be done in a variety of settings, such as trails, arenas, or fields. Horse riding requires a combination of physical skills, such as balance and coordination, and mental skills, such as patience and problem-solving. It can also be an excellent form of exercise and can provide a sense of freedom and enjoyment for both the rider and the horse.

If you’re a horse riding lover, you’re in luck! There are plenty of ways to enjoy your passion. You can join a horseback riding club or organization, join a local eventing or dressage club, or take lessons at a nearby stable. You can also explore different styles of riding, such as Western or English, or take part in equestrian competitions. In this articles we are sharing some of best Horse riding quotes for horse lovers and beautiful lines about bonding between rider and horse.

Horse Riding Quotes

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  • Horse riding can make you feel good and excited.


  • “No one can teach riding so well as a horse.” – C.S. Lewis.


  • “To ride on a horse is to fly without wings.” – Unknown.


  • To ride a horse is to ride the sky. – Anonymous


  • “In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.” – Helen Thompson


  • Riding a horse will change your mindset for the better.


  • There’s something about riding a horse that trumps driving a vehicle.


  • “When riding a horse we leave our fear, troubles, and sadness behind on the ground.” -Juli Carlson


  • Horse riding is so much more then just horse riding, its so much harder then most people think. – Anonymous


  • Horseback riding is one of the greatest experiences in the world. There’s nothing more beautiful than the feeling of riding a horse.


  • “A horse wouldn’t throw you off its back when you ride it. It would only throw you off when you take it for a ride.” – Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu.


  • If you ride horses at least once in your life, you’ll understand the great sense of freedom and exhilaration you get from riding a horse.


  • “Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Quotes About Bonding Between Rider and Horse

Horse riding can be a great way to bond with a horse and build a strong relationship with the animal. Horse riding involves spending a lot of time with a horse, and the more time you spend with a horse, the more you will get to know them and understand their behaviors and needs. This can be especially true for those who take care of their own horses, as they are responsible for the horse’s daily care, such as feeding, grooming, and exercise. By developing a strong bond with a horse, riders can learn to trust and rely on each other, which can enhance the overall experience of horse riding. In addition, the bond between rider and horse can be a rewarding and fulfilling aspect of horse riding, as it requires mutual respect, communication, and understanding.


  • A rider and a horse have a special bond that no one can replicate.


  • “A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper.” – Unknown


  • “There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.” – Robert Smith Surtees


  • It’s a lot like nuts and bolts, if the rider’s nuts, the horse bolts! – Nicholas Evans


  • Equestrian art is the perfect understanding and harmony between horse and rider. – Nuno Oliveira


  • A good rider on a good horse is as much above himself and others as the world can make him. – Edward Herbert


  • “There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.” – Rolf Kopfle


  • At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust. Each is totally reliant upon the other. Each is the selfless guardian of the other’s very well-being. – Unknown


  • “The horse you get off is not the same as the horse you got on. It is your job as a rider to ensure that as often as possible, the change is for the better.” – Unknown


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