First Dating Tips for Teens or Inexperienced Lovers


First of all, let me Congratulate you as you are on your first date. Because it is very hard to make a place in someone else’s heart. It takes a lot of courage, hard work, sacrifice and suffering to win someone’s, heart. But then you have won her heart and you will be going to the first date of your life. But do remember that this is something, not to be relaxed about. It is time to put more effort as you don’t want to let your hard work go in vain. If you don’t think about your first date seriously then you may end up messing things up.

A date is not just a simple meeting where you do some conversation over a couple of drinks or food. It is the time where she analyses you more closely and takes a note of your behavior. She will judge you, and will also see what are your bad habits, and if she those bad habits can be ignored by you then you are in a relationship soon after all first impression is the last impression. So do pay more attention to your details and think over the bucket and try to watch from her point of view. Here are some tips on how should you behave on your first date. These tips are generally for the boys and for girls they simply don’t need many tips because they know how to behave and guys are generally not that much judgemental. No offence though!

First Dating Tips, Ideas for Teens or Inexperienced Lovers to make the perfect date

These tips are not for only girl or boy. It’s a general tips for anyone. Everyone (Men/Women) should know and follow this. We are sure your dating will go awesome.

Here are few and ultimate dating tips –

  • Be confident
    Confidence is what girls get impressed by, so if she notices that you are confident enough to enjoy the evening then surely you are on the right track. One way to be confident is to think her like as a normal friend but don’t show her that you are thinking like that. It’s just to boost your confidence.
  • Smell good
    As mentioned above that she will be watching closely for your behaviours. Make an awesome impression by dressing in a well-groomed manner. Trim your beard, put decent clothing, tuck in your shirt if you are wearing any, cut your nails, trim your hairs, do a facial and at last have yourself a great perfume. If you can smell good on your date every time then, half of the things will fall in its place automatically.
  • Prepare something to talk about
    You can prepare anything of her interest to have a casual chat about. Don’t just sit there and look at her face. Girls are generally shy so they won’t initiate a conversation but once she is comfortable with you then she will do the talking part. But once they start to open their mouth, then god have mercy on you. The main thing doesn’t spoil the evening by sitting like a dumb in front of her.
  • Plan your date perfectly
    Try to spend more time with her on your first date. This is to make her comfortable in front of you. And once if she is comfortable with you, then you don’t have to make much effort on your consecutive dates. Plan a movie and then a dinner. This is the best possible combination because after watching the movie you will have many things to talk about in common and then one conversation will lead to another, in this way you can enjoy your evening in a nice way.
  • Book an affordable place
    Only book a restaurant that you can afford. It’s your first date and you don’t need to show her that you have a lot of money. You can go to an average restaurant and have your evening spend there. You should also note that she is the one making the order and you will let it happen. If you can’t afford an expensive hotel and take her to an expensive hotel then she will make a false impression that you have lots of money and next time she will expect a similar type of hotel. If you take her to a decent restaurant and which is in your budget too then you don’t have to worry about her making the order. At the end, as like you is in the unknown she will be too and will think thrice before making the order. So don’t worry.
  • Don’t try to be cosy
    Do not try to be cosy and over flirty with her on the first date. Try to keep your hands to yourself. It’s your first date and doesn’t give her an impression that you are some weird kind of guy. Instead, you can do some flirt by preparing some pickup lines but then you don’t have to prepare too much as at that time it will come automatically from the inner you.
  • Make her laugh
    One way to win her heart on the very first date of yours with her is by showing the highest level of your sense of humour. Girls will automatically be attracted to you if your sense of your humour is an A plus. Make her laugh as much as possible but don’t overdo as laughing may sometimes make a person puke if done in extreme and that too while eating.
  • Pay the bill
    As you have asked her for the date, then surely you are the one paying the bill. She may feel a bit awkward and may even offer to pay the bill but stop her by saying that you are the one organizing the date and it’s your sole duty to pay the bill this time. And you may also assure her that she can pay the bill at your next meeting with her. And do not forget to drop her at her house, does not matter if you don’t own a vehicle. Take a taxi and drop her at her house. She will appreciate it and think about you over and over again.

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At the end, the truth is you need to have enough money before arranging a date. It’s almost like spending a vacation or going to trip. In a trip, you need to have enough money so that you don’t fall short in case of emergency. Furthermore, a beautiful trip will always cost you the gruesome amount of money. But when you reach the destination of your trip, you get amazed by the view every time.

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