How to deal with depression alone


How to deal with depression alone?

Life is all about ups and downs while ups are something to cherish on, the downs are the harsh part of our life. It may be that you are dealing with heartbreak and you can’t get over it. It may be that you are unemployed for a long time. It may be that you are going through a trauma. These things can lead you to a state of depression. Depression is a major concern for everyone. It’s a matter of time and you can get depressed easily. Depression is a mental illness and you may need treatment to get out of depression sometimes. Sadness cannot be the only reason for depression there are other symptoms that causes clinical depression.

Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood can make you depressed. Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, guilt, worthlessness, helplessness including loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities can be a sign of depression. Other symptoms include decreased energy, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and difficulty in sleeping, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping, and appetite loss and weight changes. If at any point of time you feel helpless and thoughts of death or suicide comes to your mind then it may be an indication that you are depressed. Restlessness, irritability are some of the persistent physical symptoms. Moreover you like to be alone locked up in a room full of darkness.

Depression can often begin at the age of 20-30 but most cases of depression are common among teenagers. Teenagers are getting attacked by depression more frequently. But these can be prevented by some measures. Here are 5 do’s and don’ts to deal with depression.

What to do to deal with depression?


1. Exercise Regularly

Exercising daily not only keeps our mind fresh but also circulates our blood all over the body. In this way oxygen is distributed to all the organs of the body including brain. That in return causes proper functioning of the parts including brain which is very essential for the body. Moreover exercising causes increase in rate of metabolism. And these things are necessary to deal with depression.


2. Proper Food intake

While you are in depression you should not leave your stomach empty. It may be that in the initial stages of depression you might feel loss of appetite but you should always take care of your stomach. Whenever we stop eating our health gradually decreases and you may never recover from this state. A proper food intake can help you cope with depression but then again normal food will not help we should eat more and more food enriched with omega-3 fats. Consult your dietician and prepare a diet chart of the same.


3. Talk to a doctor

A doctor knows everything about your body and if it is the case of depression they know it better. In this case talk to a doctor and they will help you to cope with depression. They may use medications or help you to deal by non-medicated methods. If you don’t have enough energy to go to a doctor and tell your problems all by yourself then choose your best friend instead and go with them, you may feel comfortable like that.


4. Tell about your situation to your parents

Parents were there with us when no one was there and they will continue to be with us. Why is that we don’t consult our parents in a difficult situation such as depression? Sometimes you may think that telling your problems to your parents will make them angry and in return you will get beat up or get grounded but that is not the case. Our parents know, what is best for us. So every time you tell your problems to your parents, they will try their level best until and unless there is a cure. So no matter what the situation is you should always talk to your parents.


5. Escape from your daily routine

Sometimes we may get bored as we do the same stuffs every day. And in depression rather than doing usual stuffs we can escape to the nature. We can spend a week in a holiday destination. And this will prevent you from getting depressed.


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What not to do while dealing with depression?


1. Avoid doing things that trigger depressing feelings

While in depression don’t do such things which will depress you more and more. Omit those things especially that lead you to depression previously. Watching TV shows that can make you sad is a big no. You should avoid watching infect any kind of TV shows as anything can be found related to the cause that lead you to depression. You should also stop interacting with people on social media sites. The more of unknown people you interact with the more are the chances that you will get depressed soon after. Instead watching TV you should go to hill stations. In a hill station there will be no T.V. or Internet so that you may live your life peacefully until the cure.


2. Don’t go against your intuition

Intuition is a special ability given to us from birth but many of us don’t know how to utilise it. Whenever there is an alarming situation our intuition warns us if they are bad. So going against our intuition may be not good for us and can lead us to depression ultimately. It may be that you know the thing you are about to do is not good and you know it because of your intuition. No matter how much small is the problem if you go against your intuition then you has to face consequences.


3. Don’t take antidepressant until and unless prescribed by physician

Antidepressants are the medications which will help you to cope with depression but believe me they have side effects and some of the side effects can be very dangerous. Instead of going for antidepressants go for vitamin and minerals as they don’t have any side effects and can cure depression up to some extent.


4. Avoid all negativity

Try to avoid negativity around you and everything will be okay in a matter of time. Don’t go near people who try to de-motivate you and never do such things which will make you remember the things which led to your depressed state. Also avoid too much of anything as too much of anything is not good for health.


5. Don’t hide your situation

Hiding the situation inside you, won’t help you. It can be anything that has affected you to a depressed state. It can be that you have gone through a bully or a sexual abuse or betrayed by a closed one whom you have trusted more than anyone. It’s better to let it all out or else it will kill you inside and can make you depressed.

Depression is mental illness and taking medicine only cannot cure this. You need to be assured of the fact that it is handled by an expert physician delicately in order to get rid of depression.

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