How to live a Happy Life?

How to live a happy life?


Imagine you are out on the beach on a sunny day and you don’t have any problems, no tensions or any worries, just going with the flow. Wouldn’t be life happier this way? But it is not the scenario we face in our day to day life. We are surrounded by problems, queries, tensions, depression and that leads to stress. Stress is main culprit behind us not being happy in life.

And stress leads us to most dangerous enemy of our life, the depression. Well you can get depressed easily. You might be surprised to know that even a change in the behavior of your loved ones can lead you to a depression. According to W.H.O depression is a complex interaction between social, mental and physical disorders. Unemployment, family problems, abuse and rejection can also cause depression which may lead you to an unhappy life. But don’t worry there are many ways to deal with depression alone.

One other thing that can lead you to a unhappy life is expectation. We expect so much from our life so that a little bit of not getting what we expect can make u sad. We should always take care of the fact that it is not possible to get all the things we want in life. Maybe you want a good job, or want to go to a dream destination, a dream house or a perfect husband or wife. But it is not possible to get all of them with that perfection. There will always be an imperfection no matter how hard you try. And this can make you unhappy. Other things that can make you unhappy are constantly interacting on social media, over thinking, too many choices and poor relationship between family members.
We don’t know our future and even we cannot predict what is going to happen in next few minutes. So it is not in our hand to skip the bad things that struck us but with some precautionary measures we could have prevented the bad things that happened to us, which in return will lead you to a happy life. Here are some tips on how to lead you to the happier side of life.


Chase your dreams and get yourself more work

Thinking of your dreams only can make you happy. List out your dreams on e notebook and try to achieve them one by one. In order to chase your dreams you will have to do more work so whenever you involve yourself more on work, automatically you would not be able to indulge on activities that can make you sad. Moreover chasing your dreams one by one can give you inner satisfaction and peace. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that wherever there is inner peace and satisfaction, there is always happiness.


Try avoiding social media sites

Social media sites are a great way to interact with our friends and family members those who stay at distant places. But these sites are now being not used properly. Every time you open a social media site you will see only hatred and anger in these sites. Moreover you will see such stuffs which may offend you and can make you upset. And also we are wasting valuable time of our life by spending time on social media sites. Accessing these sites for minimal amount of time can leave you on the happier side.


Make a note of things that happen in your life

Writing a dairy can be a boring job, we may not have time to write a diary and some may find it old fashioned or useless but that’s not the thing. Writing a diary is like creating a memory stick where every secrets, every happiness, memories are stored. No other thing can store your memories like a diary does. The benefit of writing a diary is that you have all the activities written in that diary, so whenever you read a diary it’s like you are watching a documentary on a Virtual Reality box. Every bit of your life till now will be in front of your eyes and you will get a clear picture of what is disturbing your peace. And you can omit that thing from your schedule.


Making a to- do list and running on schedule

Pending works give tension and pressure which in case can make you unhappy. A to-do list will let you prepare the things you are going to do the rest of the day. We should make a to –do list before going to bed for the next day as it keeps the tensions away and let you have a sound sleep. Writing a to-do list is very easy; all you have to do is writing at what time you are going to do what work. Moreover nowadays you have got to-do list apps in your smart phones which make it easier as these apps works like alarm. These apps will alarm you whenever there is a work in the to-do list. In this way you don’t have to miss anything and can save time too. You will find yourself on the happier side if there are no pending works left.


Exercise daily and stay healthy

Exercising had been part of our life since ages. Doing exercise not only keeps us healthy but also keeps our mind fresh. It has been said that if we do some cardio as the first thing in the morning, we will remain afresh all the day and can do our other works with ease. Just give 25-30 minutes on cardio daily and it will keep you out of many diseases too. Moreover it boosts your metabolism and increases your blood flow. So if adequate amount of blood when reaches the brain, you can solve problem with ease and if u can solve the problems, wouldn’t you be staying on the happier side? Moreover you just cannot do exercise and stay unhygienic at the same time then it will be of no use. So along with doing exercise you should maintain proper hygiene too. Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic.
There is a long list of activities that can make you happy like spending time with babies can also make you happy. It had been always said that a part of god resides in the babies. Spending your time with babies can make you happy no matter whichever mood you are in! Try to keep your life simple and avoid complicity. Over thinking can make your life complicated and in return can make you unhappy. Life can be happier if you choose to be.


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