Monthsary Surprise Ideas

Months turn into years, and years turn into decades, and each of the milestones in any relation are in fact, special. Some find it petty, and others find it to be nothing short of a special gesture, and let’s just say, everything counts when we are talking about special things and special moments, isn’t it?

So, if you seem to be stuck with gifts or special monthsary surprise ideas to present with to that someone special, then fear not, because we’ve got your back! Read on and find the perfect best monthsary ideas from among the so many for your someone special.
Categorically, we’ve laid down for you not just monthsary surprise ideas for her and him, but also helped you out with what could be amongst few of the best monthsary gifts for him and her.

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Monthsary Surprise Ideas & Gifts for Her/Him

Monthsary Surprise Ideas for Lover

So, let us start off with few monthsary surprise ideas for your someone special.


Monthsary Surprise Ideas for Her/Girlfriend/Wife


  • A surprise getaway: She sure must have for once told you about her ideal travel destination, or some place that she’d like to be only with you. Take the cue, and plan something for her, if not the destination she said, may be to a place you know she’d love to go to. Plan the itinerary like she’d want it to be.


  • Dinner by the beach or under the moon: Depending on your beloved’s choice, you could plan the special dinner date with her. Some good wine, or a bottle of champagne to pop in the celebration, good food along with the breeze or the light, some music and just the two of you. There’s nothing more overwhelming than to see your efforts, and if she sees it right here, then it’s the job done right.


  • Take her shopping: Don’t tell her anything and take her out just casually, and then, let her shop her heart out. There’s no doubting the love that a woman has for shopping, isn’t it? If that’s how you start off, you’re bound to have one of the best monthsary to yourself, and trust us on that.


  • Get her some bed tea and breakfast: Of all the days she does in fact work things up, this could be one of those few days when she is at the receiving end of things. Make her feel pampered, get her her favourites, and put some hearts around on the sandwich or use the whip cream in the coffee.


  • Write her a letter: You wouldn’t be so expressive with each other all the time, so may be, you could use this moment to put everything you feel and all that you have for her into words and pen them down. A few letters spread over the day would be like lottery tickets to her.


Monthsary surprise ideas for your girl aren’t very complicated, for there are certain things that she loves, and if there’s even a little of all of that you can manage to do, then she wouldn’t be asking for anything more. Just remember, for her, it is always the little things that will count.


Monthsary Surprise Ideas for Him/Boyfriend/Husband


  • Compile a video with pictures: Memories are best stored in the form of pictures and videos and moments from until the time you have been together. A music video with some of the best songs, songs that he loves and songs that have a special meaning along with a film of pictures would be like going down the memory lane, and what idea could beat this as monthsary surprise ideas for your the one?


  • Let him be the ruler: We are sure he listens to you, and he does eventually give into your whims and fancies. How about you do it for him on this special day? Trust us, he’d feel like he has conquered the world.


  • Surprise him within the monotony: There sure would be daily tasks that you and him have divided, and hence, you do know the things and events of things he does through the day. For instance, if the first thing he’d do when he wakes up is visit the washroom, then leave trails there, and surprise him at every such mundane everyday tasks. He’ll have something to look forward to at everything he does.


  • Leave love notes for him: Throughout the day, drop in love notes for him here and there so that he feels special. Let him know that this day is for the two of you, and not just yours. Send in reminders and memories and moments that the two of you have cherished through these loves notes. For instance, the first time you confessed I Love you, a similar pattern through notes during dinner or may be breakfast.


  • Get a little flirty and spice things up: End your day on a high note, do things that he loves, and make it a good night for the both of you.


CheckCute Love Sayings to Make Her Feel Special


It is easy to get the men to feel loved, because most of the times, it is they who make it special. So, even if you put in that little effort and walk the extra mile, your monthsary surprise ideas shall not just save the day for you, but also be the best ever.

Now that you have your monthsary surprise ideas in place, the next plan of action is to have the monthsary gift for her and him ready too. So, if this is where you are stuck, then fret not, for we have it covered up for you.

Note: The surprise gift is as important as the monthsary surprise idea, for it is supposed to be the cherry on the cake, making it not just perfect but also the best one.

Monthsary Gifts for Her

Monthsary Gift Ideas for Her/Him


  • How about you have your wedding album recreated? I mean some contrast it would be, from being just married to now having had your share of ups and downs and lows and highs. Create moments that have been special, and don’t just recreate the album, but also the emotions that have come a long way too.
  • A voucher to the salon: In the process of pampering her, you shouldn’t forget that there’s always more that she needs, and that is a hair spa, or a facial, or just some self pampering. So, this could be one of the ideal gifts, and she could use it on the day of the monthsary, followed by you taking her out thereby giving her a chance to flaunt all that she’s got.
  • Get her something that she’s been wanting since a very long time, but for some or the other reason, she’s not got it yet. It could be a book she can’t find or a dress she saw at the store, or something just as basic as a notebook. Make it special for her in your own way, and let her know you take care of the smallest of her needs.
  • If you’re involved in any kind of art, make her the subject. You could sing a song for her, write her a poem, paint something for her, or just do what you’re best at.
  • Clear off this myth that men aren’t good with dates, and create a timeline of your relation as yet, or at least make one with all the high points from the two of your lives. The firsts and the lasts, or the special moments and all the memories close to the heart, bring it all together for her and create yet another memory for the two of you.

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SeeRomantic Good Night for Lover


Monthsary gifts for him


  • Name a star after him? It might sound a tad bit cheesy, but he is after all your star? And while such things are a common phenomena in movies, we bet this gesture would be one overwhelming thing to happen to him on your monthsary.
  • Get him tickets to his favourite game. Be it football, cricket or basketball, we bet there’d be some sport that he is crazy after. You could get him tickets to one of the upcoming games, and you’ll definitely become his best from here on. (P.s: Let him go with friends or whoever he chooses to, and try not to tag along).
  • Get him something he’s been trying to get since a long time, but it’s just not been how he wants to. Could be a play station, or just something that he saw online and told you about. Recall everything he ever said to you, and make the best choice off it.
  • Get him those superheroes miniature models? We bet he’d be a fan of at least one of the superheroes? Put that aspect to use, you could get a caricature, a miniature or an entire painting or something that he’d never imagine you’d do.


So, that was about the monthsary gifts for him and her. While there are many material things that are easily available, it is always better if one puts some thought into it and makes it rather special and memorable. A dress or a t-shirt would do the work, but it wouldn’t say much and it is the thought that you put into those monthsary surprise ideas or the gifts that will actually send out the message for him/her.


So, we hope you’ve got your monthsary surprise ideas right in place, or at least, this list of gifts and monthsary surprise ideas did manage to bring in something in your mind itself. Either way, it is a win win! We helped you, and you helped yourself!