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If you fall in the category of tall people then feel proud because very few people in this world are tall and maximum people in this world wants to be tall. It’s like a gift and all you have to do is nurture it, take care of it and utilize it to do good to yourself and all the people that surrounds you. A man who is tall is considered as handsome but a girl with tall figure is like gem. You will find very less tall girls in the world. But at the end it does not matter what your height status is because the personality is what makes us beautiful or handsome. If you find about tall people on Google then you may find many tall people quotes on the internet. You can post them as your status updates or can share with your friends and let them know that you feel proud to be a tall people. Positive tall Quotes, Being Tall and Proud, Tall Girl Quotes & Sayings, Tall Humor, Tall Height Quotes, short Tall Guys Status, Cute Quotes about Tall People, Being Tall and Beautiful, funny things to say to tall guys.

Tall people quotes with Tall Girl Quotes Image

Tall people quotes
Tall people quotes with Tall Girl Quotes Images


Life’s too short. I’m not! ~Kristin Chenoweth


I walk tall; I got a tall attitude. ~Dolly Parton


Usually, I get hired because I’m tall. ~Peter Falk


Every tall girl needs a short best friend. ~Anonymous


“Wow, you are tall.” Really I didn’t notice. ~Anonymous


I’ve been six feet tall since the sixth grade. ~Leslie Jones


It’s a fact, taller people sleep longer in bed. ~Anonymous


It’s a well-known fact that tall people are evil. ~Kevin Hart


My ideas aren’t afraid of height. ~Leena Ahmad Almashat


People tell me you’re tall, Like I am unaware. ~Anonymous


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Tall girls get tall boys but short girls got all boys. ~Anonymous


Tall people have a real advantage in the world. ~Chad Harbach


It is not how tall you are, it is how good you are. ~Marv Dunphy


Every tall guy has a short girl that drives him crazy. ~Anonymous


If I were but a man who would be tall, I would be me. ~Ryan Stiles


I was probably tall as a child, but I just stopped growing. ~Kevin Hart


Tall guys and short girls make the most cutest couples. ~Anonymous


When you’re as tall as me, ants still look like ants. ~Anthony T.Hincks


The best thing about being tall..”People look up to you”. ~Anonymous


I am too tall to be a girl. I am between a chick and broad. ~Julia Roberts


You can measure height. But you can’t measure heart. ~Howie Dickenman


Being Tall and Proud Quotes & Sayings

Being Tall and Proud
Being Tall and Proud Quotes, Status and Sayings


If I could choose my height all over again, I couldn’t change a thing. ~Anonymous


I am tall because God like me so much, He decided to supersize me. ~Anonymous


If you want to be tall to see the world better, have some high thoughts! ~Mehmet Murat ildan


I’m tall and thin but not strong, so you’re either an athlete or you’re funny. ~Keegan-Michael Key


I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet. ~Jane Fonda


Being tall and having long legs is all fun & games, until you get into the back of a small car. ~Anonymous


For me being tall was very positive because I thought my mom was the most beautiful person ever. ~Lisa Lesli


Never tell a tall person that they are tall, they may not know the fact and could go into extreme shock. ~Anonymous


I am very tall, so I like a guy who’s bigger than me – it makes me feel feminine and safe. ~Adrianne Palicki


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I like being short and little because tall guys with nice arms and protective hugs are my favorite. ~Anonymous


For some tall people, ‘Ten feet tall’ is just a metaphor. For me, It’s more than twice my height. ~Ruth Westheimer


I think it’s so cool to be tall. Even when I am not wearing heels people tell me I am tall and I always take it as a complement. ~Maria Sharapova


Being tall is an advantage, especially in business. People will always remember you. And if you are in crowd, you will always have some clean air to breathe. ~Julia Child


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